We plan to go fishing with him several times a year on Lake Erie

Posted on January 24th, 2013 by Captain Jim

Testimonial from Rich Oakley

My adult sons and I have gone fishing with Jim Hanley several times over the last two years. In all cases we have had a great time and plan to return next year. On our first trip we fished for small mouth bass and caught many good size fish (2-4 lbs) and a couple larger from the first we put our lines in the water. We did catch and release with the bass.
Our second trip we fished for walleyes and caught a great deal. Most between 2-4 lbs. I kept 3 of the larger ones which Jim was kind enough to clean for me. Our last trip we fished for bass again and my son did outstanding catching one after another. All were 2-5 lbs and all fought as seen on TV. I have fished all my life in a number of places including rural Ontario and Quebec; we have never had more fun than going out with Jim. He is a great host and knows fishing inside and out. If we are in a spot with no action we move and invariably start catching fish. He is extremely congenial and able to get along with all sorts of people from kids to older adults. He never fishes with us since he believes, rightly so, that it is his job to have the customer catch the fish. He has great stories and the conversation never stops and is always interesting and funny. I cannot express adequately the fun we have had with Jim and we plan to go fishing with him several times a year from now on. If you’re looking for a good time and catch a lot of fish call Jim.

Rich Oakley