The odds of catching fish with Lake Erie guide Jim Hanley are in your favor

Posted on January 24th, 2013 by Captain Jim

Testimonial from John Leitten

My  sons ( John JR and Steve) and my cousin( Mike) have fished all our lives. We have fished all over the USA including ice fishing. For the past few seasons we have fished with Jim Hanley on Lake Erie . All we need from a charter is a safe boat, a smart and watchful captain and keep us on the fish. Jim filled all our needs and more. The first time out he did everything for us until he learned we are rather self sufficient. As for baiting our hooks, and placing our lines, he did not have time, we had him jumping around the boat netting fish. We had two, three keepers on at the same time. Each trip now we have filled the boat’s limit. We severely culled our harvest, no little ones even if they were OK to keep and no keeping big breeding stock. In short, we landed over 80 fish. Half were not the targeted walleye but still a fish and fun to catch. At days end, we set up a production line cleaning fish. To say we caused a stir at the cleaning station would be an understatement. Not often do you see two people carrying a cooler full of walleye. We know filling your limit time after time is impossible. Some days no matter what, the fish will not bite. The odds are in your favor with Jim. He knows where and what is working at the different times of the year. Even with no fish biting Jim would be fun to be with (good conversation). He can tell a lot of good stories.  We are looking forward to next year and a great day out on the water trying to out smart the fish.
Fishingjohn & crew  ( John Leitten)