So you want to be a Charter Captain or fishing guide?

Posted on February 20th, 2013 by Captain Jim

I am living the dream of not only working for myself but doing something that I still cant believe I get paid to do…go fishing! I grew up on the water and loved every minute of it, so when the opportunity came to make a living at it, I was thrilled. The dream however, please excuse the pun, does come with some snags. Business plans, taxes, advertising, web site maintenance and competition all come into play and can often add to quite a bit of frustration or make all your hard work go down the drain. I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Captain Mike, asking me to read over his new book ” How to start a Charter Fishing Business”  This is what I wrote back to Captain Mike after reading it.

I have been guiding for 35 years on Lakes Erie, Ontario and the  Niagara river as well as many freshwater lakes in central Florida.  Back in the late 70′s when I started my business it was easy to get customers to return or acquire new ones because I was one of the only games in town. Nowadays there are new charter services popping up everywhere  making competition fierce to say the least. Reading “Starting a Charter Fishing Business” has been a great help to me by giving me a fresh insight to resurrecting parts of my web site that  have been lacking, and especially about the importance of its ranking on the net. I would highly recommend the book to both new and old timers like myself.  Get a copy and you will see immediate improvement in your charter service.

Captain Jim Hanley
Jim Hanley’s Charters
Stop by his site and download a free chapter of his book, you wont be disappointed.