Great Guide and fishing trip on Lake Erie

Posted on January 28th, 2013 by Captain Jim

Hello Jim,
I wanted to write you a follow up email regarding a charter that you took my family and I on in late August. You may not remember but my name is Isaac Nowak and I had an absolutely fantastic time with you on our trip.
The quantity and quality of the smallmouths that you put us on were absolutely amazing! It seemed like we were getting fish on every drop and you always put us on fish so thick the graph looked like “lasagna”! I am an avid fisherman and it was very special to see my brothers and father enjoying fishing as I do. Furthermore, it was impressive to see your knowledge of the Lake Erie. You knew every nook and cranny out there, you had those fish patterned incredibly well.
Perhaps the best part of the trip was finding out that you were a fellow believer. It was wonderful to find a fellow sportsman that knows the true meaning of life, to love and follow Jesus with all our hearts! It was great to speak candidly about our faith and how it realted to our daily lives. The stories you told about the Bills and Sabres were great too!
I gotta tell you Jim, I had such a good time on the trip that I have told every one of my buddies about you and your outfit. I have strongly recommended you to anyone interested in Lake Erie smallies and walleye!
From one angler to another God Bless!
Isaac Nowak