Erie Dearie walleye fishing on Lake Erie

Posted on August 14th, 2013 by CaptainJim

I had never thought of using a lure called the “Erie Dearie” to fish for walleye, until I began to talk to a former Charter Captain from Ohio. He had used them successfully in the Western Basin of Erie until he retired a few years back. Most of the walleye caught in the Eastern Basin where I do my guiding, are taken in water depths from 25 to 75 feet and most of that is by trolling. Its seems most of the walleye in the Western Basin are caught shallow and a lot by casting. As a guide I seldom troll the way most do around here with dipsy divers and big planner boards attached to a mast in the boat. I guide my clients using the old style of bottom bouncing with a heavy sinker and a spinner and worm attached to a 3 way swivel. My customers enjoy fishing with the rod in their hand and being active in all aspects of the day. Using an Erie Dearie is a lot like fishing for bass, where you throw the lure out and reel it back, making it a lot more fun and hands on. Its fished in much shallower water then the usual depths that walleye  are caught around these parts but the fish are there, you just have to look for them. You make the cast, your feel the bite and set the hook and know what a good size walleye feels like without having 100 yards of line out and feeling exhausted after reeling one fish in. Give me a call if you would like to try a really fun way of fishing for “walter”

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